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Everybody is waiting for the new iPhone model launch, but it’s possible that very few of you know that the next iPad Mini is expected to be launched at about the same time.

There’s no official word on the subject from Apple, but based on the release date of the iPad Mini 4 which took place about an year ago, in September 2015, several tech bloggers have predicted that the upcoming iPad Mini 5 may be launched this month.

The iPhone 7 is also presumed to be unveiled on the 7th of September and many believe that the iPad Mini 5 will be launched either alongside it or soon after. Rumors about the device state that it will be very similar to the previous model but that it may come with a smaller screen size. It’s also very possible that it will be powered by an A9 chipset rather than an A8 chipset and that it may also feature 3D Touch.

In terms of cameras, it’s speculated that it will sport an 8MP rear one and a 1.2 MP front one. It’s also presumed that the upcoming iPad Mini will not be named ‚iPad Mini 5’ but will instead be named ‚iPad Pro Mini’.

As for the highly anticipated iPhone 7, the device is rumored to come in two variants, and one of those variants has been dubbed iPhone Plus. The latter is also believed to come with 256 GB of native storage space. Initially, some leaked images found online suggested that there could be a third Pro variant, but it appears that this will not be the case.

This iPhone model is also presumed to be the first one to ditch the 3.5 mm audio jack in favor of a lightning port, which was developed by Apple in September 2012.