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We’re certain that most of you Android users get your apps from the Google Play Store and we’re also certain that you do not know that there are so many alternatives to it, that offer apps which are very similar to the ones on the Google Play Store.

Here is a list of stores with apps for your Android device.


Yes, that Amazon! Apart from the regular physical items sold on the site, you can also use Amazon to purchase various apps and games which are compatible to any Android device. More importantly, it also offers deals and sales for them.


This is a neat online store that has every app placed in a category, thus making it easier to search for the one that you need. The store also offers you the option of paying via PayPal.


This is the place to go if you’re a Symbian device user. It’s also well organized when it comes to what category apps belong to so it makes it very easy for the user to find them. It’s also recommended for owners of devices that run older versions of Android.


This would actually be the first alternative store to Google Play as it was designed specifically for Android based devices and the owners update it frequently.

MoboMarket offers a variety of apps and games that may or may not be for free and it also comes with a backup feature that is really useful if, say, you want to backup you smartphone data in case anything bad happens. The apps are also placed into well defined categories.


Lastly, there’s the F-Droid store which has a significant amount of free apps and games. It is a great alternative to all of the aforementioned app stores.