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It’s the end of the summer, autumn is coming, and along with it, as you’re probably accustomed by now, a new iPhone. Rumor has it that Cupertino doesn’t want to risk too much and will play it safe or even that they will remove the classic headphone jack. Moreover, Apple is preparing other releases too, such as the Apple Watch, new versions for macOS and iOS and many more.

If you look back, Apple was responsible for introducing the significant redesign fashion every two years and a smooth update. However, this year seems to be a special year. The Wall Street Journal, along with other sources, seem to confirm that the next iPhones, supposedly called iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, will not get significant changes and upgrades. The Cupertino team doesn’t seem interested to change the classic aspect of the previous phones, keeping the same aesthetics with curves and aluminum. As it seems, the only changes might be the antenna lines and the fact that Apple is rumored to introduce new colors such as dark black and blue.

However, there are other more important changes that the team is expected to make on the phones: it is rumored that they will include a bigger camera with a better light sensitivity. The Plus version might even sport dual cameras with better focus and better quality in low-light conditions, similar to what Huawei P9 is currently offering. Moreover, it seems it will be based on a faster A10 chip, 32 GB internal storage that can be enlarged up to 256 GB, and even the dual SIM option for India and China. Other rumors claim that the company will also introduce displays with a higher resolution, but this is not confirmed yet. Even so, many people seem to be certain of the fact that Apple will not introduce a headphone jack in their devices.