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Naughty Dog, the developer of Uncharted 4, has released a new DLC patch for the mentioned game. The new DLC is free and can be accessed by anyone who has the Uncharted 4 purchased on the PlayStation 4.

The new DLC comes with a new map called “New Devon” and you can see a video about it below:

It is good to know that all Uncharted 4 Multiplayer DLC maps are free, so it was expected that this map will be released as a free content. The new map is inspired by the New Devon chapter from Uncharted 4’s campaign. The map is set in the ruins of a lost pirate colony and it is the largest map that Naughty Dog has ever created for this game. We can say that this map will be enjoyed especially by snipers, as there will be a good amount of places where they will be able to hide.

The Uncharted 4 1.12 patch has brought the New Devon map, but it also added some improvements, fixes and changes to the game. First of all, players can now acquire relics by completing and winning matches (previously they had to complete challenges). In addition, the DLC skins and presets outfits have been added to vanity chests, allowing players to unlock premium vanity items at a lower relic cost.

It is good to know that starting from tomorrow (September 2, 2016) until September 16, 2016 Naughty Dog will also release an Uncharted 4 Multiplayer sale. In other words, you will be able to purchase relic chests at a price reduction of 33% to 62%.

Sometime this month, the developer will also release the Bounty Hunter DLC for Uncharted 4 Multiplayer mode which will bring a new map and mode along with new personalization items.

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