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The war between Mac and PC was started once again by Microsoft in an ad the company used for their upcoming Surface Pro 4. In the beginning of this summer we also witnessed a showoff between the two rival companies and now it seems that Microsoft wants to get back in the arena with Apple. Their most recent ad is a subtle insult for Apple.

The short clip starts by showing a woman typing on the Surface Pro 4. After that, she tries to use the MacBook Air in the same way, but she doesn’t succeed. During this, a man starts singing about the benefits Surface Pro 4 offers customers and he ends up by underlining the fact that this device is the best choice, especially compared to the Apple product.

The ad also features a musical touch and it trying to convince customers that it is better to buy a PC instead of a MacBook. The ad is insisting on the advantaged of the new PC laptop, such as a pen, a touchscreen and a detachable keyboard. By underlining these aspects, the team shows that MacBook indeed does not offer such features.

The design is also a point the ad tackles. It features a slow, square and heavy MacBook Air, whereas the PC is showed slim, light and rounded. They also included a statement that directly hits into the Apple product: “It’s less useful, like a hat for your cat.” It is indeed understandable that Microsoft wants to increase its sales since summer is now over and school starts again. However, could this be the best marketing strategy, comparing your product to another?

Surface Pro 4 costs $899 and it offers 12.3 inches, as compared to the 11 inches the MacBook offers. The most recent PC sports 127 GB internal memory and 4 GB RAM.