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Several weeks before the expected announcement of the PlayStation 4 console, there have been several videos and images that leaked about the upcoming device. The images were released previously this month on an auction site. It depicted a PS 4 of small dimensions, a redesigned controller and rounded edges. The packaging also referenced the new model the company is working on.

Eurogamer, a gaming site, claims to have visited the user who supposedly bought the console from the auction. They also took photos and a video of the new model. However, the images remained shortly on the website, until the owners took them down for legal reasons. This doesn’t mean that the images have disappeared for good, though.

User @shortman82 posted on Twitter some of the images with the PS4 Slim. He also compared the future model with the current one. Wall Street Journal also reported that a new PS4 will be released together with the PS4 Neo. The latter is a stronger version capable of running games at a 4K resolution.

Everybody expects Sony to announce the Neo console at the event taking place on the 7th of September in New York. At the same date Apple will release a new version of their famous iPhone series.

Laura Kate, who works as a freelance gaming journalist, uploaded another video which supposedly confirms the new model. On Tuesday she published the footage that shows a similar form and a redesigned controller. Moreover, she even connected the device to the TV in order to show it’s a functional device.

However, Sony did not make any comments regarding all the leaks and the rumors about the PS 4 Slim. It wouldn’t be the first company that would revamp their consoles, following the lead of Microsoft Xbox One experiment.