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Google has just released the beta version 9.36.0 of Google Maps, which brought new features to the application. Users will easily set up avoiding tolls, ferries, and highways, to create custom lists (if they are a Local Guide) and they will receive nearby traffic notifications. These features are currently being tested out in the beta version and will be soon added to the stable version of Google Maps.

If you’re planning to go on a road trip, Google Maps will help you reach your destination without encountering problems on the way. That’s because the latest version of the application will help you set the options to avoid tolls, highways, or ferries and to save the settings for your upcoming trip. Google Maps supports now voice commands, so you’ll just tap on the microphone and say “avoid tolls” to set and save this option, and do the same for highways and ferries, to make the selections faster.

Also, in the Maps Settings menu, under the Notifications section will be found a new “Traffic Nearby” option that will offer real-time notifications of traffic conditions and will inform users about delays or when the “coast is clear.”

Those who want to become a Local Guide and contribute with their discoveries and ratings of special spots in town, will be rewarded for their reviews. Users become useful members of the community and their opinions will be taken into consideration when searching for the best spots. The new version of Google Maps allows them to create custom lists, so that tourists will easily sort through the different places. Users can create custom lists that include recommendations for favorite places, starred places and want to go places, but local guides are able to create other lists, as well. Everyone can sign up for free for the Local Guides program.