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According to new reports, Supercell is preparing to release a major update for Clash of Clans. Earlier rumors were suggesting that this major update will be released in August, but that didn’t happen. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official information about the changes that this upcoming update will bring, but that didn’t stop rumors to surface all over the internet.

We have to agree that Clash of Clans is not doing so well right now, as there are more and more players who are uninstalling this game from their mobile devices. The main reason they do this is because Clash of Clans is not “newbie-friendly”. Well, it seems that Supercell is about to change that and it will finally bring some new features to the game that newbie players will be able to access faster.

Supercell has already confirmed that this new update will improve some of the features that the previous update didn’t. We remind you that the previous update have brought new levels for structures that become available when your Town Hall is level 11. In other words, the new players that have a low Town Hall level couldn’t access the new features.

Supercell might bring some new features that that will be accessible by the new players. We think that by doing this, the developing company will be able to lure more new players into the game and, hopefully, will keep them interested.

There are rumors which say that the Clash of Clans: September Update will come with some penalty features along with the Gem Mine that will allow you to mine for free gems. Hopefully some official information regarding this update will be released soon by Supercell.

Do you think that the Gem Mine will truly come to the Clash of Clans game in the near future?