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Microsoft has released the Summer Update for the Xbox One at the beginning of August and one of the features that fans have requested, such as playing music in the background, is now available through Pandora app. Prior to the Summer Update, this feature was exclusive to Microsoft’s Groove Music app for the desktop version.

Pandora is an internet radio streaming app that has 250 million registered users and Xbox One users demanded Microsoft to let them play music in the background through this application. Two days ago, Microsoft engineer Mike Ybarra has announced on his Twitter account that Pandora app will be updated to support Background Music and Xbox One users were pretty excited on hearing the news and they started installing the new Universal Windows Platform app immediately.

Users have been told to uninstall the older app if they want to take advantage or the new feature that’s available only on the new Universal Windows Platform app from Pandora, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store. Background Music will be available to users from the US, Australia, New Zealand, but in the near future, Pandora will be expanded to other territories.

The Summer Update has brought other free applications such as Baconit, Netflix, Cast, MSN Weather, Dailymotion, Xbox Avatars, Movies & TV, Xbox Accessories, Windows Camera, Groove and Hulu and it introduced Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant. The Game Collection interface has been improved and Xbox Store and Windows Store have been unified.

In order to download the Xbox One Summer Update, you will open the guide by scrolling left from Home, then you’ll select Settings > All Settings > Console info & updates (under the System option). Now, you will click on the Update Available button and start installing the Summer Update. If you’ve already installed the current build, you will see a grayed button reading “No update available.”