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In the wake of the controversy arisen around WhatsApp’s change in its Privacy Policy which will now enable it to transfer its users’ account info to Facebook (however, users can opt out of this), its representatives have decided to offer a new and awesome feature to the messaging app that will soon let Android users send videos as animated gifs. And it was about time.

Gifs have proven to be a very fun way to convey ideas and many other messaging services like Twitter or Facebook are already offering support for them.

WhatsApp is not offering support for gifs on Android yet, though. But it will happen very soon as the latest beta version from WhatsApp already have this feature and it would only make sense to see it in a final build as well. Until that feature comes, there is another way to send gifs via WhatsApp on Android, by rooting the devices.

According to Android Police, after experiencing sending gifs via the beta version of WhatsApp, the process is simple and fun. All you have to is to click on the paperclip icon while engaged in a conversation. Then, you’ll have to go to Camera and choose the Record Video option. Tap OK when you’ve finished recording. At this point the app will allow you to trim the video and if you want it to be less than 6 seconds, it will automatically become a gif. It’s that simple and after you’re done cutting, send the video to your contacts.

This feature is not limited to newly made videos, though. The same 6 seconds or less trimming can be applied to existing videos as well. It should be noted though that while the trimmed videos may appear on you device as mp4 files, when sent they will actually appear as gif files.