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Both Huawei and Samsung have launched similar tablets less than a year ago and both of them have proven to be very impressive devices. The MateBook from Huawei and the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S both run on Windows 10 and they both have an add-on keyboard. Here is a comparison between the two devices that will help potential customers decide which one is better for them.

Design and Display

Both tablets sport a 12 inch screen that renders images at 2160 x 1440 px in resolution, yet the MateBook is slightly lighter that the TabPro S by 0.1 pounds. The difference is small and can be overlooked when deciding over which device to get.

However, color may be a relevant factor in your decision. Samsung’s tablet comes in black and white color variants, whereas the MateBook comes in golden or grey.

At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that the Samsung tablet features an AMOLED display offers more battery life as opposed to the regular LCD display found on the MateBook.


Both devices come with an add-on keyboard that turns them into ‘laptops’. However, while the TabPro S comes bundled with one, the MateBook does not and those who want to buy the latter will have to pay $129 extra for the keyboard.

Specs and battery

Samsung’s TabPro S features a dual-core Intel Core m processor much like the Huawei MateBook, but the latter comes in various GHz forms.

The TabPro S comes in a 4GB of RAM variant complete with 128 GB of storage space, while the MateBook come in the same configuration but it also has other variants.

As mentioned previously, both devices run on Windows 10. As for battery, the MateBook features a 4430 mAh battery which is big and powerful, but the Samsung tablet sports an even bigger 5220 mAh one that will certainly enable it to last longer than any MateBook on a single charge.


The Samsung TabPro S complete with the add-on keyboard is priced at $899 (or $699), whereas the low-end variant of the MateBook is $699 plus $129 extra for the add-on keyboard.

The high-end variants for the MateBook are priced at $849, $999 and $1199.