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The PlayStation Neo has been confirmed by Sony and it will be introduced on September 7th, during a special event. But the console manufacturer is reportedly working on a thinner version of the current PS 4, although it refuses to confirm the existence of the PS 4 Slim. Laura K. Dale has posted on Let’s Play Video Games website a report about the new smaller console she bought from eBay and which she claims to be the PS4 Slim. If this will be the final version of the console, then it will come with many improvements.

Laura K. Dale has reported that Sony has removed the optical port and the controller of the new PS4 Slim is able to transfer data to the console via USB cable, because it takes less for additional milliseconds to travel through a cord, than via Bluetooth. And players won’t want their online multiplayer performance to be affected by lost fractions of a second. The controller will be backwards-compatible and will have a lightbar at the top.

The original PlayStation 4 measures 275 x 53 x 305mm and the Slim version is expected to measure 264 x 39 x 288mm. This means that Sony has cut off a third of the thickness of the original console and this is an important improvement which fans will appreciate. Other changes are related to the front-facing USB ports, which have been split apart. In the back, there’s a plastic-covered port which allows users to access the SATA hard drive and on one side is found a threaded hole which will most likely be used to connect to a dedicated stand and to allow the PS4 Slim to sit vertically.

In addition, the PS4 Slim can be plugged into a monitor and used as a PS4. Sony hasn’t commented yet on the unboxing report published by Laura K. Dale. Also, the 7-minute video hasn’t been taken down yet from YouTube.