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Minecraft will soon be receiving the Boss Update for Windows 10, Gear VR and Pocket Editions versions. It is in fact another freebie, and Microsoft announced its coming this fall, after the Minecon. However, if you’re using Android, you can get the public beta version starting today.

The aforementioned versions will be enjoying some ocean monuments, which are temples found underwater – this represents an homage brought by the developers to the beholder of Dungeons & Dragons. Gamers will also get nether stars, which will be dropped by The Wither boss and lets you use light beacons. Moreover, the update brings some new building blocks from sponges and prismarine and slash commands. The latter are shorthands for those who want to tweak the game on a great level. There will be 20 slash commands, and Microsoft also declared that they want to add more in the near future.

Microsoft also declared that they aim to make all the Minecraft versions compatible with one another. However, it is quite hard from a technical point of view to achieve such an ambitious goal and this is because the platforms vary a lot: from smartphone, tablets or phablets to consoles and PCs.

One of the differences between some of the platforms, for instance, is the fact that Windows 10 and mobile versions give you the liberty of exploring worlds with infinite capacities, while the console versions have a limit of 2500×2500 blocks, having an invisible force field as the edge of the world. Other example is the fact that the original PC version is still running on Java, while mobile versions and Windows 10 run on C++. Moreover, the Windows 10 and mobile versions don’t have the Ender Dragon or The End, which are found on the original PC version ever since 2011. All in all, it seems like a difficult task to make all these compatible, but the team is hoping they will eventually succeed.