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From taking photos while playing music and faster face-time connectivity to a speedier access to battery and Wi-Fi options, iOS 10 has brought with it a huge lot of super-cool hidden features that we have listed here for you. So go on and read to know more about it!

It’s almost less than a month remaining in the official release of iOS 10 and users are awaiting so many exciting new features the update would bring with it. Some of the major new features that are most talked about at the moment include dynamic messages, digital touch feature, SiriKit and CallKit. But do you know that there are other interesting features as well that are hidden until now?

Curious? We will show you some of these compelling features that probably have escaped your attention:

  1. Take pictures while playing your favorite music

Do you know that now in iOS 10 you can capture and edit live photos while playing and listening to your favorite music? This is one hidden feature in the new iOS update that you surely won’t be aware of. With live photos, you can make short animations like GIFs to capture a moment instead of making a video of it.

  1. New Stopwatch face

This is simply a WOW feature you might not have known about until now. All iOS 10 users know that the stopwatch design in the update was given a pretty new analogue look. But what they don’t know is that if they choose to have the old stopwatch design back, they can just swipe left or right or toggle back and forth to get it.

  1. Quicker connectivity to FaceTime

iOS 10 offers faster FaceTime connectivity as well. Previously, initiating a connection with FaceTime took a little longer. But now in iOS 10, Apple has worked much on improving FaceTime connectivity. The company has also made enhancements for video quality on slow connections.

  1. Image search option included in iMessages

Now you can even search for pictures directly from your messages app in iOS 10. You just have to tap on the Apple App Store icon and then get the image you want using the Search field. So now you don’t have to keep your chat buddy waiting for long while you search for the most beautiful picture of yours!

  1. Turn on your lock screen with Raise to Wake

It’s great to have Touch ID on your iPhone but it often works way too quick – so quick that users are taken to their home screen without even being able to see their notifications. Luckily, in iOS 10 Apple has found a way by which users can now quickly take a look at their notificiaitons without using Touch ID. This cool new feature is called “Raise to Wake” through which users can turn on their lock screen by simply picking up their iPhone. Raise to Wake depends upon the M9 motion coprocessor which means that it will only be compatible with iPhone 6s models, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE.

  1. Faster access to battery, mobile data and Wi-Fi options

You might not know that Apple has also added a 3D-functionality in the Settings of iOS 10 through which users can now have a quick access to their battery, Wi-Fi and cellular data controls.

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