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Roku is a great device that enables people to stream videos from a phone or laptop to a TV. Both the Roku Streaming Stick and the Roku 4 are some of the best streaming devices out there and it’s very easy to use them. Here are 5 tips that will help use them to the fullest.

  1. Stream videos from a laptop or a smartphone

The primary purpose of Roku devices is to stream or mirror laptop or smartphone screens on a TV. This feature, however, only works on laptops that run Windows 8, Windows 10 and on Android based smartphones. In order to mirror their screens, you’ll have to go to Settings >> System >> Enable screen mirroring.

  1. Instant replay of basically anything

Sometimes we miss something in a video or we don’t really hear it that well and we need to replay the video. Roku offers you an instant replay button on the remote that is marked by a circular arrow icon. The replay only goes back a few seconds.

  1. Audio and video quality options

Roku’s default settings are not always the best ways to view quality videos so it’s advisable that you go to Settings>> Display Type and choose the 720p or 1080p for a better render of the images. You can also look at the available options for Audio.

  1. The Roku smartphone app can become a remote

The Roku smartphone app for iOS and Android can be used as a remote control. It will enable you to search for movies and channels just by entering text or using your voice.

  1. Arrange your home screen however you see fit

You don’t have to stick to the Roku default grid layout. Instead, you can look for the channels that you use more often, tap the star button and then tap the Move Channel option. You can also delete the channels that you do not want to see in your grid.