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The location of the next game in the popular GTA series is currently unknown and Rockstar has been silent about GTA6 so far; this leaves fans to guess and speculate where the game will be set based on the previous games and the current rumors that surround the highly anticipated game.

1960’s London

This is currently the ‘strongest’ option as rumors for this provide quite a few promising details which suggest this could be what players will see in Grand Theft Auto 6.

According to rumors, this game will be a prequel to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and will be based in London as a result; this would give the game a 1960-1980 setting with retro cars in a very different London.


It was previously revealed that people from Rockstar had visited Japan to document the city of Tokyo; as none of their other games include Japan, the only other potential explanation for this is that GTA6 will be located there or the team is working on a brand new IP.

These rumors have died down considerable in recent months however.

American locations

An America location seems most likely for the Grand Theft Auto series and previously it was thought the game would be located in a new city such as Chicago. Other players believe that this game will include a range of cities that the player will be able to travel to, either by driving across the country or by flying in an airplane.

Brand new rumors suggest that the game will include Jacksonville but considering the scale of Grand Theft Auto 5, it’s possible that the game would be set in the state of Florida and will be focused around Orlando or Miami. Both major cities would make good locations for a new game but Jacksonville is also close to Atlanta which could make a decent main city for the game.

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