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Tracking and finding rare Pokemon is still impossible to do in Pokemon Go; players need to wander around their surroundings for hours to try and track down one Pokemon. Niantic is still working on a tracking system for the game and the one the developer is currently testing is called the Sightings system.

The Sightings system tells the player what Pokemon are near to PokeStops and show them exactly where that Pokemon is; it provides the player with an image disc of the location. Rumors also suggest that the game will place markers on the map to show where a Pokemon is. This system was revealed in the last big update and is great news for players however, there is still no release date for this so players must resort to alternative tracking means.

Niantic has also blocked third-party services from accessing the Pokemon Go servers; this has essentially stopped third-party tracking maps from working so players can no longer use them to find local Pokemon.

Players can still use Ingress however to help them find areas that will have a lot of Pokemon. The latest Niantic game uses a lot of the locations from Ingress including PokeStops and Gyms which are in the same locations are Ingress Portals.

Ingress requires players to travel to XM Spots to collect valuable XM so they can progress through the game; when Pokemon Go was first released, players discovered that there’s a correlation between Pokemon spawns and XM Spots.

Places with a large number of XM Spots are more likely to have rare Pokemon spawn also. After creating an account on a mobile device, it’s possible to use a website to search the surrounding area for high numbers of XM spots and also Portals.

While this is a really great trick to use for hunting rare Pokemon it does come at a heavy price; the battery life drains much faster which greatly reduces the time a player can spend Pokemon hunting. This is a great trick to use before setting off on a Pokemon adventure or hunt but it can be pretty costly to use this trick while actively out in the world.

Niantic will be adding an active Tracking system to Pokemon Go very soon; players can expect to see it being released later this year.