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There is a thin line that separates the Galaxy J7 and J5, in terms of specifications and prices. Indeed, both are manufactured by well-renowned electronics giant, Samsung, which makes the build quality hard to beat. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why lots of smartphone buyers get stuck at making a decision which product is considered a best buy.

In order to help you come up with a decision, here are some notable specifications that you don’t want to miss.

Build Quality and Design

Both devices are identical in terms of style and shape, as they only differ in dimensions. With the J7 having the advantage of wider display. Also, as usual, both have removable back cover that should provide easy access to the replaceable battery. Moreover, they both have the capability of increasing the storage capacity of up to 128GB through the microSD card slot.

Quality of Display

The display and viewing experience are both remarkable with the super AMOLED panels that should give excellent viewing angles even on a sunny day. In fact, the J7 on most variants come with 1080p Full HD on a 5.5-inch screen.


Identically, the J7 and J5 both have 13MP camera at f1.9 aperture on each shooter. Nevertheless, the J7 still have the advantage as it can take sharper, better detail preservation. Likewise, the color balance has been different on both devices in which the J7 captures more neutral colors, as the J5 has been producing colors that are a bit saturated with shots that are slightly yellowish.

More so, the J7 packs in more features including the HDR or Richtone mode that the J5 lacks. However, they both have excellent selfie shots at 5MP already equipped with LED flasher. Hence, it should be great when shooting at low-lighting conditions or during the night. Both are also capable of shooting 1080p full HD while on video mode.

Charging and Battery Life

Of course, buyers should want to have one with better battery life just as the J7 with 3300mAh of power that should last a few hours more than that of the J5 with only 3100mAh. Charging on each device will only require 2 hours or even lesser.

Pricing Consideration on the J7 and J5

As expected, the J7 should be available on the market at around US$340, while the J5 should be lower at around US$260. If you are on a budget, it might be easier to settle for the cheaper one with lesser specifications.

However, it is not always the price that matters for most users. So if you opt for the one that is easier to handle and fits perfectly on one hand, the Galaxy J5 should be an easier choice. The downside though is that you can sacrifice a bit on the CPU power and speed. Overall, you can always pick any of the Galaxy J7 and J5 or you can pick both, as you can never go wrong in choosing any of these devices.