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The Pokémon Go game has become one of the most popular mobile games out there in a very short period of time. Like in any popular game, cheaters made their appearance and they have started using tools such as fake GPS in order to get Pokémon faster and easier.

Well, Niantic, the developer of this game, has permanently banned a good amount of gamers because of the cheating methods. However, it seems that it has now decided to remove the permanent ban on some of the Pokémon Go accounts.

However, keep in mind that not all accounts will have their ban removed, as Niantic said that it will remove the permanent ban on a small subset of users who “unwittingly” broken the rules.

The developer has added that some of the users who have downloaded unauthorized applications haven’t realized that some of these “add-on” applications have done more than just showing nearby Pokémon. However, these accounts will be closely checked in order to make sure that they don’t break the rules in the future.

Niantic added that its main priority is to provide a fun, fair and legitimate experience for all Pokémon Go players and this means that “aggressive” banning will continue to happen for all players who are using these kinds of tools to trick the game.

We are not sure why Niantic is actually doing this, but we think that since the hype for the game is over, they’ve started to lose more and more players. In other words, the developer might think that unbanning some of the players is a good way to bring the hype back and maybe lure some new players into the game.

Have you got banned on Pokémon Go for using “other tools”? Tell us your thoughts about Niantic’s decision to unban some of the players that got kicked out from the game for using these kinds of tools!