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The highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is rumored to be released sometime in 2017. But that isn’t the only rumor about the device that is out there. Here is an overview of all of the assumptions and predictions made about the Pro 5 so far.

The first thing to look forward to, according to some tech bloggers, is the fact that the device will have a 2k resolution display, plus a 4k Ultra HD display. This alone would make it far more impressive than anything we’ve ever seen on the previous Surface Pro models.

Other rumored Surface Pro 5 specs include 16 GB of RAM but there is no info regarding the native storage space size, the latest Intel processor which is the upcoming Kaby Lake and a USB Type C connector. It’s very likely that the device will run Windows Redstone 2 which is scheduled for release sometime in the spring of 2017.

Not only this, but the device is believed to come with an improved Surface Pen which will sport a rechargeable battery and will feature wireless charging.

The 2017 deadline is enough time for Microsoft to fix any bugs or issues that users might encounter in the Surface Pro 5. One of the previous models, the Surface Pro 3 has been found to have some significant issues with the overall performance and battery life, which users blamed on defective batteries. However, Microsoft stated that it was a software issue, not a hardware one. But some users still aren’t very convinced about that.

Supposedly, the upcoming Surface Pro 5 will be priced at $1599 for the high-end variant and $899 for the low end variant.

Given these rumored specs combined with the success that the previous Surface Pro tablet had, it’s safe to assume that the Surface Pro 5 is one of the most anticipated launches scheduled for next year.