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Finally, GTA fans might get to see some details about the GTA 6 at the press conference Sony is holding this September. At the same event, the company is expected to unveil the PlayStation Neo console. This might come as a compensation for the fact that news about the sixth installment of the series have been missing both from the E3 and Gamescom events this year.

Tidux, an industry insider, said that Rockstar will definitely be present at the PlayStation meeting. According to Parent Herald, a financial report coming from Take-Two Interactive (which is the company that owns Rockstar) shows that GTA 6 is in the pipeline. Moreover, it seems that the GTA developer is currently working on some essential projects.

On the other hand, Gamezone suggests that Sony is actually preparing the release of Red Dead Redemption, another title which is anxiously awaited by fans worldwide. Moreover, they claim that the release of either of the famous games will have something to do with the release of the console too, so maybe gamers will be able to play the future games on the new console.

Many fans seem to place their bets on Red Dead Redemption though, since they think that it has been left behind. While the Grand Theft Auto franchise received GTA 5 and GTA Online in the recent years, the other game is kind of delayed. Moreover, it would seem premature to launch the GTA 6 now, when the previous versions are still making profit and enjoying public’s attention. The most plausible theories hint to a GTA 6 release somewhere between 2018 and 2020, given the time schedule previous versions had. However, any information about the games will be well received by the fans that are very curious regarding Rockstar’s next move.