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It won’t be wrong to say that apps are the foundation of the entire Apple’s iOS platform. The unlimited number of apps in the Apple App Store is the real thing that sets the huge iOS platform apart from its competitors, making the highest quality iPhone apps the best from the rest.

However, like any other app store, it is often quite daunting to search for and find out the very best apps in the Apple App Store. You need to dive deep down to search the ones that stand out from the crowd and offer a unique feature that is way beyond anything else.

The best apps are usually free, but often you have to pay some amount to get the best out of an app. In this post, we have gathered and compiled a list of some of the very best apps of 2016 that you must try for your iPhone. Don’t have an iPhone? No worries; this post is still worth a read as you will get to know about what’s available and what’s trending in case if you plan to invest in an iPhone in near future.

We know that there ain’t any shortage of apps out there for your iPhone so we have showcased the best ones available and offer everything you need to know about that particular app such as its cost, features, etc. So, here are 5 of the most useful iPhone apps you ought to have in 2016:

  1. Google Photos

The top best iPhone app of 2016 that we have for you is Google Photos, which is the BEST app if you want to manage and back up your iPhone photos. This cool app offers unlimited free storage along with paid plans for saving photos of ultra hi-resolution. The app also allows you to look for things such as food, dogs, or even some particular scenery to find related photos. There is an option to share albums with your friends and create GIFs as well.

  1. Dark Sky

Next up is Dark Sky which takes your weather app to the next level. Unlike other weather apps that just give you a simple forecast about the weather, Dark Sky offers notifications in the form of alerts that tell you when it’s about to rain or snow in your precise area or location. This app gives you super-accurate predictions about weather and offers a minimalist design. It costs $3.99.

  1. Wild Weather

Wild Weather is another great weather app for your iPhone. If you’re looking for an app that’s a little different than the usual weather apps then you should try Wild Weather. This app includes beautiful handmade illustrations which appear depending upon your locations, time of the day and year, and the weather itself. It also offers a five-day forecast and a full day outlook.

  1. Apple TV Remote

Apple TV Remote is a free official remote app for the latest Apple TV and is definitely something Apple users have been long waiting for. The brand new app offers the complete navigation for your Apple TV with touch gestures; it also allows users to access their apps with their usernames and passwords and also to play Apple TV games using the gyroscope on their iPhone.

  1. Spark

Spark is the app you need if you’re on the lookout for a perfect and powerful email app. It’s free of cost, extremely customizable and includes features such as email snoozing if you want to read a message later.

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