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As if they aren’t assured enough of being the most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp is making sure the competition doesn’t catch up by continuously adding more new cool features and releasing updates to make the app even better. In case you haven’t been able to keep abreast of all the latest changes from the Facebook-owned company, here are some of the most important updates for Android devices as of this writing.

  1. Voice Mail

When you make a call and the person you are calling isn’t able to answer, you now have the option to leave a voice message. When the contact you called doesn’t pick up, you will get three options, which are ‘Cancel’, ‘Call back’, and ‘Record voice message’. To use voice mail, hold the voice message button to record, then release it to send. By pressing the Call back or Call again icon, you will immediately call back the person you are trying to contact.

  1. Missed Call Notifications in Chat Window

Before, you had to go to the call log tab to check your missed calls. Now, you can receive a missed call notification directly in a chat window together with the time the call was made. If you tap the missed call notification, you can automatically return the call. Easy!

  1. Sharing and Forwarding Messages to Multiple Contacts at the Same Time

It used to take more time and effort to forward a message, photo, or video to friends because WhatsApp permitted the selection of just one contact at a time. Now, you can choose several persons in your contact list then forward a message, image, clip, or document to them at the same time.

These updates make WhatsApp an even more convenient and efficient messaging tool. And when it will finally launch its video call feature, there will be even more reason to love this app.