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Pokemon Go is the most popular mobile game of all time, within the first 30 days of release it generated $200 million from microtransactions. The game has been officially released in a large number of countries now however, not everyone has access to this game yet.

Windows Phone users still don’t have an official release date which have forced third-party developers to create their own version of Pokemon Go for Windows 10 Mobile users. PoGo-UWP is the fan created app that allows users to play Pokemon Go on their Windows 10 mobile device; this is a great way for them to play the game and it can be downloaded from the official creator but this is still risky.

Just like with legitimate Emulators, some users modify the files of legitimate apps and software to add dangerous malware to the program; they still work as intended but they also add a virus or other malware to the device.

Always download legitimate third-party apps from the actual developer and always research the file; see if other users have had problems with that developer or their applications.

Away from Windows Phone users, there are various countries with no access to Pokemon Go just yet; there are legitimate apps that bring the game to those countries however they don’t work as there are no Pokemon in those areas yet.

Sadly, it’s not just players without official access to the game who need to worry. There are various Pokemon Go clone apps available on iOS and Android for countries with access to the game. These clone apps are either fake or harmful to the device but look almost identical to the official Pokemon Go; they are often released as being developed by companies with a similar name to Niantic.

When downloading Pokemon Go for the first time, always check the developer of the app and also the ratings; Niantic has previously released Ingress and the official Pokemon Go app usually floats around the 4* rating unless a particularly bad update has been released.