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It’s been a while since Pokemon Go was released and chances are that many of you players out there have already reached level five. This means that you now join one of the three teams in the game which are Valor, Instinct and Mystic. After that, you can also start fighting pokemon in gyms. Here are some tips on how to do that.

  1. Find your local team Gym

The gyms are very important both in the Pokemon series and in the Pokemon Go games because that is where trainers go to train their Pokemon for battles. In Pokemon Go it’s advisable to go a gym that belongs to your team. Not only will you be able to train your pokemon, but you will also be able to compete in friendly battle that will increase your pokemon’s CP rating.

  1. Understand the gym’s level

A gym’s level shows how many pokemon you may end up battling. For example, if it’s a level one gym, you’ll have to battle only one pokemon to take it over. If it’s a level two gym, than you’ll have to battle two pokemon and so forth.

  1. Understand what CP is and place your strongest pokemon at the top of the battle order

CP represents Combat Power which is the number rating for pokemon strength. Based on the CP rating of your Pokemon and other Pokemon you can tell if it’s worth entering a battle with them. You’ll also have to order your Pokemon during a battle, by putting the stronger ones first in line.

  1. Battles are simple

All you have to do during a battle is to tap your pokemon for a fast attack, swipe left or right for him to dodge an incoming attack and to long press him for a special attack.

  1. Claim the gym

Suffice to say that if you lose the battle, you’ll have to keep on trying. But when you win and claim the gym for your team, you’ll have to place your strongest pokemon there and wait to see if anybody claims it from you.