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Grand Theft Auto fans were very disappointment earlier this year when Rockstar was silent about GTA6 at E3 2016 in June; the new hope is that the developer reveals the game over the course of the massive Gamescom convention that begun earlier this week.

Rockstar have not provided any details that suggest the team is working on a new game in the series and the developer is still hard at work creating new content for GTA5; there is also no word of a story expansion for the popular game.

Publisher Take-Two is taking part at Gamescom and is listed as an exhibitor for the event; the company will be showing a range of action/adventure, strategy and sports games at their stall during Gamescom. This doesn’t confirm anything but the company also commented in their latest fiscal report that Rockstar were working on a new project.

The hopes for a Gamescom reveal seem very unlikely and other fans are looking to the PlayStation event which is due to take place in September; Sony is expected to reveal the PlayStation 4 Neo and PlayStation Slim at this event on September 7th in New York City. It sounds quite unlikely that GTA6 will be at the event if this is for revealing the new consoles but, the Grand Theft Auto series has a long history with PlayStation and fans are relying on this as being ‘proof’ it will be revealed then.

Both of these events seem to be unlikely places for Grand Theft Auto 6 to be revealed and fans will most likely be waiting until 2017 to hear some new information about the upcoming game. Currently, there are various rumors about the game which are all very different to each other; the extremely diverse rumors make it difficult to predict exactly what the new game will be like.

Despite this, all current rumors point towards a 2018-2020 release date for Grand Theft Auto 6; this also co-insides with the expected release date for the next console generation.