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There hasn’t been much talk lately about the upcoming GTA 6, perhaps because all we know about it comes from rumors or speculation. There is no way of knowing if it’s even being developed as we speak of if it isn’t even a project anymore.

GTA 6 in a VR scenario

This hasn’t really stopped people from talking about a supposed VR playable GTA 6 that could work on either a HTC Vive headset or an Oculus Rift one. However, it’s also believed that if this may turn out to be true, Rockstar – the company responsible for the GTA game series – may have a lot of issues to deal with. One of those issues would be related to the motion sickness that some VR headset users feel when things are moving too fast in the virtual world. And things move fast in GTA games…

Release date rumors

Based on Rockstar’s game launch patterns (which feature a 3 to 5 year gap), many gamers believe that the upcoming GTA 6 will be released either sometime in late 2017 or sometime at the beginning of 2018.

What is coming for sure though, is the second installment in the Red Dead Redemption series which is a little like GTA, but with horses instead of cars.

GTA 6 location

Some gamers speculate that the next GTA installment will be set in London, but Rockstar vice president Dan House had previously stated that a GTA game set in London would be nice but it wouldn’t really be GTA. Other gamers believe that Los Angeles would be a better choice as the setting for the next GTA.

GTA 6 expectations

Many gamers and GTA 5 players hope that the upcoming GTA 6 will allow them to create their own character, much like the option that they have in GTA Online.