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It seems that the latest iOS 9.3.5 update contained three serious vulnerabilities which, if accessed, could remotely jailbreak any iOS device. Pegasus is a program created by an Israeli cyberwarfare firm called NSO Group and it’s not sure how many iOS devices it affected so far, but the good news is that Apple has released an emergency fix fr the “Trident” vulnerabilities, but there are still many users who are worried that iOS 9.3.5 hides other issues and they want to upgrade to iOS 10. Below, we’ll explain how to install iOS 10 (the eighth developer beta or seventh public beta).

First of all, you should back up all your important data, because iOS 10 is in beta and it has many annoying glitches that will probably drive you nuts and you will want to return to the previous iOS version. So, connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC using a cable, launch iTunes app, and then click on the iPhone or iPad icon from the menu bar.

Select the option to backup to This Computer, and you can even encrypt the backup by using a password. Now, click on Back Up Now, then on iTunes from the menubar > Preferences > Devices and option-click on your Backup. In continuation, select the Archive option, sign in for the iOS 10 public beta and follow all steps from Don’t worry, you’ll be accepted into the program, so tap Sign up, enter your Apple ID and password, click Sign in and click the button to “Accept the terms and conditions.”

Now you’ll install iOS 10 by following these simple steps: from your home screen launch Settings, then tap General > Software update and you’ll be required to enter your passcode. Agree with the Terms and Conditions, then tap Agree once and iOS 10 will be downloaded and installed on your iPhone or iPad.