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By now, it has been somewhat confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will not receive Android 6.0. This can be disappointing for those who bought the Galaxy S4 and have been hoping to receive the Android update but, if you’re one of these S4 owners, don’t worry since you can get Marshmallow on your device by downloading a custom ROM.

There are several custom ROMs you can use, and the latest version is the CM13 series custom ROM released by the CyanogenMod community. It has the build number ZNH5YAO0J3 and is more than 300 MB in size, so you have to ensure that your phone has enough memory to accommodate it.

The CM13 series custom ROM will bring about several interesting features to the Samsung Galaxy S4, including Do Not Disturb mode as well as support for Live Lockscreen, Lockscreen Blur, and Lockscreen Weather. It also allows you to block apps from accessing the net and restrict their access to either Wi-Fi or cellular data on a per-app basis, making it easier to control your data charges.

To install the CyanogenMod CM13 series custom ROM in your device, you can take the following steps:

  1. Make sure your smartphone is rooted.
  1. Install a custom recovery tool (such as TWRP) in your phone and use it to back up your data.
  1. Download the CyanogenMod CM13 series custom ROM into your PC.
  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your PC.
  1. Transfer the CyanogenMod custom ROM zip file from your PC to your smartphone’s storage root folder.
  1. Turn off your smartphone and disconnect it from your PC.
  1. Enter Recovery mode on your device by doing a long press on the smartphone’s Power button and Down Volume button.
  1. Navigate through the menu on your device to clear its memory and restore factory settings.
  1. Go to your device’s storage root folder and tap on the CyanogenMod custom ROM zip file to install it. Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the installation.

You can click here to download the CyanogenMod custom ROM zip file. Remember: downloading and installing the custom ROM requires technical knowledge and failing to follow the instructions can result to a bricked phone, so proceed at your own risk.