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While hackers struggle with breaking the Nintendo 3DS, teams have ‘finished’ with the Nintendo DS and a large number of Emulators are current available for a variety of platforms. Not all available Emulators are good however and many of them need further work done to improve their performance.

Good NDS Emulators exist for all PC platforms, Android and also iOS devices; luckily there are quite a few options available to these players and also a lot of information available for each one. This makes researching each Emulator much easier.

When downloading and installing an Emulator, it’s important to research the download and the Emulator itself; this is a good way to avoid downloading potentially harmful files. The vast majority of Emulators available for any device or console are filled with fakes and malware. Searching through the pile of Emulators is a long and tedious task which makes it even more frustrating that real Emulators can also be ‘fake’.

The following Emulators listed here are real and are some of the best NDS Emulators currently available; as a result of this, there are ‘fake’ versions of them which have been altered to included viruses and other dangerous malware.

Downloading Emulators should only be done through the official website or the recommended download links provided by the developers of the Emulator; not all developers have a website, there are many that use websites such as GitHub to provide details about their project and also a download.

These are some of the best NDS Emulators currently available for the PC, Android and iOS devices:


  • DeSmuME
  • OpenEmu
  • No$GBA

Each of these are high quality and free however, OpenEmu is a Mac exclusive; it’s a platform that provides Mac users with Emulators for a wide range of consoles including older Nintendo consoles.


  • DraStic DS Emulator
  • AseDS
  • NDS4Droid

DraStic is without a doubt, the best NDS Emulator for Android devices; this app must be purchased however. The AseDS is a unique Emulator which offers players the chance to use popular Nintendo DS cheats and it also supports wireless controllers. While this is great, DraStic offers much higher performance.


  • NDS4iOS
  • iNDS
  • RetroArch

Unfortunately, installing a 3DS Emulator on an iOS device is must more complicated; Apple is very strict with them and none are available through the Apple Store. This means this platform has the least number of Emulators available, the best of the group however is NDS4iOS which provides the best gaming experience.