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The all-known and world-famous messaging app WhatsApp recently announced that it will be sharing some user data such as your personal phone number with its parent company Facebook. This is indeed a distressing situation for those who value their privacy the most.

Both the companies claim that the new policy is set forth in order to help you find friends – those with whom you have shared your phone number but haven’t yet added in your friends list on Facebook. Also, through the new policy, businesses will have the option to approach potential customers directly. For example, banks and airlines will use your phone number to contact you in case of any fraudulent activity or a delayed flight.

However, there is a great drawback of the new policy – you will now be getting advertisements on WhatsApp. Ever since it was launched, the WhatsApp service had remained free of ads, which is a major reason of so many people using it. A lot of users won’t take it benevolently if the service really does begin to start advertising on its app.

Although WhatsApp has promised not to share or sell your personal information with third party like advertisers, you can still be doubtful about “the new and improved features.” So, if you are not happy and do not agree to this change of WhatsApp updated policy, then you are lucky because there is a solution for your situation.

There are two potential ways by which you can stop Facebook from getting your personal data shared via WhatsApp. Now you can easily opt out of sharing your WhatsApp information with Facebook systems by following any of the two methods mentioned below. These methods apply to both WhatsApp users on Android or iOS devices:

Method 1:

The first method is the easiest one available to Whatsapp users. If you have updated the app recently, you will get the updated terms of services message and upon tapping on to “Read” and scrolling down you will come to know that this message comprises of a small paragraph outlining the app’s purpose for sharing WhatsApp account information with Facebook. The message is accompanied with a check box and an “Agree” button. You need to simply uncheck the box saying “Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook ads and products experiences.” You will then be instantly opted out of the WhatsApp-Facebook data sharing policy.

Method 2:

In case if you have already accepted and agreed to the new terms and conditions of the app, the second option is for you. Even after agreeing to the terms of service it is still possible to opt out of them within a 30-days time period. What you need to do is simply open WhatsApp and go to “Settings.” Tap on “Account” and here you will see an option saying “Share my account info.” You just need to uncheck or turn off that option to make sure you are not anymore bound by the latest terms and conditions introduced by Facebook and WhatsApp. So, if you’ve already agreed to the new terms of service, there will always be a way to opt out of it but within 30 days from the time of acceptance of the new terms.