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Here are the top tips and tricks that all Pokemon Trainers need to know.

Turn off AR

Trying to catch Pokemon with AR on will drain the battery life on the mobile device much faster which is terrible for Pokemon Hunts through the city. Using AR looks amazing and it’s a great gimmick but ultimately, it’s not very useful.

In addition to being a battery drain, using this also makes catching Pokemon more difficult. When Pokemon are floating around the environment it’s difficult to gauge their distance and actual location; this makes it much more difficult to hit them with Pokeballs.

Catching Pokemon can be difficult enough without turning on AR and turning it off makes this part of the game much easier.

Find good PokeStop locations

PokeStops are everywhere in the world and finding good PokeStops can be easy in more urban areas; rural players will be lucky to find any.

A good PokeStop has two or more in the same area; finding one of these is essential for grinding and collecting a high amount of rare Pokemon. Two overlapping PokeStops are a great spot for lures and other players will often place lures at both or all nearby PokeStops.

Staying close to PokeStops with active lures is one of the best ways to catch rare and high level Pokemon.

Check the moves

Pokemon don’t all have the same move set and every move deals a unique amount of damage; it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the move set of every Pokemon as some will be more powerful that others.

When a Pokemon evolves they get a new move set and there’s no guarantee they’ll get the best attacks; it can take a little while to get the best Pokemon to battle gyms with and even longer to get the perfect move sets.

Optimize Egg Hatching

Hatching eggs can take a long time and isn’t always rewarding but these are the best tips to optimize it:

  • Hatch 10k eggs for the rarest and most powerful Pokemon
  • Use the limited use incubator for the 10k and 5k eggs
  • 2k eggs are good for collecting lots of XP quickly are are good to do alongside 10k or 5k eggs