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Niantic Labs has recently declared that they plan to eliminate from the game all players that are trying to cheat in the game. In a previous press conference, the representatives of the company explain that they place a lot of value on fair play, which is why they are currently doing lots of efforts to keep the game cheat-free.

The company now developed a new game to block bots or third-party trackers that help players advance faster into the game. Hackers looked in detail at the latest update released for the game and found traces of captchas, which are normally used on the web to detect spammers or bots. However, Niantic doesn’t seem to have started to catch cheaters yet by using this method.

One of the Pokemon Go bot creators declared for Business Insider that the company will indeed be using this technique and that it’s only a matter of time before they start doing it in order to stop bots and hacks. Stephen Bartell has helped developing a very advanced bot named Insta-PokeGo. Regarding Niantic’s decision, he said that this will be extremely tough to crack. His tool has been used for catching more than 3 million Pokemons within a week, for instance. However, he declared that his website will be closed on Wednesday to avoid players who use it from getting banned.

Another website, FastPokeMap, shows the exact location of spawning Pokemons on the map. Its creator tweeted recently that they might also close this website because of the new security Niantic Labs introduced. Even so, according to Steven Bartell, nobody knows for sure if mapping trackers will also be damaged, since it depends on the way Niantic will deploy the captcha. If the captcha is deployed whenever the company notices an unusual activity, maps are not safe either, but if they are activated only when a player tries to catch a Pokemon or spins a Pokestop, they might be safe.