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The Division is a shooter multiplayer game that has been developed and published by Ubisoft. The game has been released for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in March 2016 and it had a pretty successful launch.

Unfortunately, it seems that the game came with lots of bugs, especially on the Windows PC platform, which made many players abandon the game very fast after its launch. In time, most of the bugs were fixed, but it seems that more and more are surfacing nowadays.

It seems that the Survival DLC, the second paid expansion, that was expected to be released for The Division will not be released in September 2016, as many have expected, and instead it will be released sometime in “late 2016”.

Ubisoft is now focusing on fixing his game instead of releasing a new expansion. In other words, the company will release an October update for The Division, which will fix most of the bugs and errors that this game has. We think that Ubisoft has made the right choice by deciding to fix the core game, instead of moving along with another DLC that would most likely bring some bugs and issues with it. In other words, Last Fall, which was expected to be released sometime in late 2016, will now be released sometime in 2017.

According to Ubisoft, the update 1.4 will bring lots of bug fixes and other known problems. In addition the loot drop will be more relevant, the gear will be more balanced, but it will also fix some of the PvP issues and the Dark Zone.

We’re pretty sure that most of you are quite disappointed about this, but we think that “The Division” game deserve a second chance. Hopefully, after the major problems will be fixed, we will have a fully working game, without any bugs, balance problems etc.

Do you think that “The Division” will be fixed by Ubisoft in a way that it will bring most of the gamers back to it?