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The recent Nintendo NX leaks seem to confirm that the console will not be in direct competition to the PS4 Neo; the patent leaks show that Nintendo has no plans to compete against either of the upcoming Sony or Microsoft consoles, instead the company is moving in a unique direction.

Patent leaks have confirmed that the Nintendo NX will be a home console-handheld device hybrid and that it will feature AR technology; it also looks as though the console will feature a new type of connector, some accessory attachments will connect to the device using new infrared based technology.

Nintendo NX will be able to support mobile games and current rumors state that it will be using a Nvidia Tegra mobile processor; no details about how the console will support mobile games has been revealed yet. It’s possible the console will have an Android or iOS operating system so that it can support Pokemon Go.

PlayStation 4 Neo will be a very different console and will be directly competing against the Xbox Scorpio which is due for release next year; both of these are home consoles and will bring 4K resolution to console gaming with high performance and powerful GPUs.

The Nintendo NX is not expected to do any of these things; current rumors suggest that the graphics will be somewhere between the PS3 and PS4. Other rumors state that it will be able to support cartridges, what cartridges is supports has not been made clear yet.

Both the PS4 Neo and Nintendo NX are expected to be revealed next month. Gamers can expect to see the PS4 Neo being released some time around October to co-inside with the release of the PlayStation VR headset. The Nintendo NX has been confirmed for a March 2017 release date and the Xbox Scorpio has been scheduled for a Holidays 2017 release.

While official details about all upcoming consoles are scarce right now, it’s clear that the Nintendo NX is a completely different device to the other two; players should expect to see plenty of innovations from Nintendo with this new console.

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