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The Backwards Compatibility list for the Xbox One has just been updated again, just after the company announced the lineup for Games with Gold September 2016. Most new Xbox One games that are added to the Backwards Compatibility list get to be released the same day. However, the latest seem to be taking longer.

The list was updated on Wednesday and it seems to include a title that cannot be played on the upcoming console yet. According to the Microsoft rules, this means that the game, Forza Horizon, will be backward compatible by September 1, when it will be available for free. The list is currently available on Larry Hryb’s website and there you can see that Forza Horizon will be the first game from the franchise that will be Backwards Compatible.

As such, starting on September 1, on Xbox 360 Forza Horizon will be available for free for whoever is a member of the Xbox Live Gold. This lasts only until September 15, so if you want to take advantage of this, you should hurry within those two weeks.

On September 16, members of Xbox Live Gold will then be able to play Mirror’s Edge for free up until September 30. Normally, the game would cost $14.99 ERP. This game is not a Backwards Compatible game though since it was already available for Xbox One.

This follows recent news about the release of Call of Duty 2 and the improvement in performance on gameplay in Xbox One. Even if the game has the same visuals and the same runs with the original resolution of 720p, frame rate issues have vanished almost completely, which makes the game more enjoyable, of course. However, there are still some dips that are below the 60 fps target, but we have to admit that Call of Duty 2 on Xbox One proves to be better than on the original 360.