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Pokemon Go has become a  cultural phenomenon on a scale that Niantic and Nintendo didn’t even predict; the augmented reality game has become the most popular mobile game to ever be released and has earned Niantic over $200 million within the first 30 days of release.

The game has still not been released globally yet and many countries are waiting for the arrival of the most talked about mobile game to ever be created; it’s not just other countries, Windows 10 Mobile users are also waiting for the game to be officially released for that platform. Some current rumors also suggest that the Nintendo NX may contain in-built AR technology that would allow the new console to play Pokemon Go.

While there’s clearly a lot of work to do still to fully release the game, 3DS owners are still wondering if Pokemon Go will ever be released for their devices. The answer to this is very clear, the game will never come to 3DS consoles.

This is due to various reasons which are all to do with the hardware limitations of the 3DS:

  • A good in-built gyroscope
  • Constant internet access
  • GPS
  • Outwards facing camera

While the 3DS does have an in-built gyroscope, it’s very inaccurate which would be terrible for Pokemon Go. It also has internet access through Wi-Fi spots however this is extremely limited and wouldn’t work for catching Pokemon.

A GPS and camera are two of the things that the 3DS would need to upgrade to before Nintendo could even consider taking to Niantic about porting the game; without a good GPS system, there’s no possible way to play the game. The camera would be needed for the AR component of the game, it’s a great gimmick and on the 3DS the battery probably wouldn’t drain as fast.

If Pokemon Go ever arrives for the 3DS then it would be a very different version of the game; the next best bet for Nintendo console fans is the upcoming Nintendo NX which will be revealed in September.