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Call of Duty is one of the biggest FPS series in the history of gaming and the Black Ops games are some of the most popular in this series; with the next Call of Duty game coming out this year, eager fans are desperate to see what comes next.

No official news about the release of Black Ops 4 has been revealed so far however but Black Ops series developer Treyarch has commented on the game before. The developer stated on Twitter that they are investigating the potential for a new game, since this the developer has been silent on the issue which has left fans wondering what they’ve come up with.

An apparent email leak from Activision seemed to mention a new Call of Duty game; the game in question was Call of Duty: Black Ops 4- Retribution. This leak didn’t provide any details about the game however, only a name that suggests this will be the direct sequel to the third game in the series.

The games from the Black Ops series typically have a 2 year gap between them and the last game was released in 2015; if Treyarch intends to follow this tradition then players should expect to see the game in 2017. Considering the developers and publisher have been so quiet on the issue, it’s possible that there will be a longer series gap this time as some rumors suggest a 2018 release date instead.

Some rumors suggest that Activision plans to release a ‘Call of Duty: Zombie Edition’ which contains every Zombie Mode ever released for the Call of Duty series. This has not been confirmed but fans are hopeful these rumors are true.

If Black Ops 4 is in development then gamers can expect to see news for the game arriving later this year or in 2017; considering the poor response to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, it would make sense if Activision would push for the release of another Black Ops game. Players can expect to see more Call of Duty news at E3 2017 and during other conventions throughout the year.