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Console Emulators are extremely popular on the PC; a large number of console Emulators currently exist but finding the right one is still a tricky thing to do.

Most Emulators are fake or filled with malware so researching each one is a necessity before downloading anything; when downloading them it’s also important to only download an Emulator from the official developers website. Many versions of legitimate Emulators exist however some will have added viruses or malware that can seriously harm computers.

Currently there are only 3 available 3DS Emulators which are confirmed to be real: Citra, 3dmoo and TronDS.

These Emulators are works in progress and are filled with bugs; only Citra and 3dmoo are capable of running commercial games right now and can suffer from performance issues while running them. All of the emulators are capable of running homebrew games however.

New builds for these Emulators are always being released so it’s a good idea to check the official websites often to download the latest version; the 3DS Emulators are slowly gaining higher performance with each update despite the issues they face.

Creating 3DS Emulators has been difficult and it’s taken several years for hackers and developers to crack the incredible security found on the Nintendo 3DS. While several teams have done this and have published Emulators, many teams fail at this.

There is one other 3DS Emulator however it is not currently available; the XDS is a very new Emulator which is currently in development and no details about what the console can run are currently available. The developer of the Emulator has commented that it does not run commercial games yet but this appears to be the goal.

For now, anyone looking for a 3DS Emulator on the PC will need to use Citra, 3dmoo or TronDS. Currently the best 3DS Emulator available is Citra as it offers higher performance than the others and supports a wider range of games including some commercial ones.

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