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There has been a competition between processors in the mobile chip industry, namely MediaTek and Qualcomm. Accordingly, MediaTek has given way for its new processor the Helios X20, while Qualcomm has released the Snapdragon 820 to the market for public consumption. In order to better understand the advantages or disadvantages of one from the other, here are some notable features of both.

MediaTek Features

A Taiwanese company MediaTek Inc. has been behind the innovations of three products that the world has seen firsthand, namely the Octa and Deca-Core processors, as well as the introduction of Wireless Charging. However, the capabilities of its processors have been said to lack the innovation in terms of processor capabilities.

However, in order to catch up with its closest competitor, MediaTek has introduced the 4G Modem within its processors that were made 4 months later than the Snapdragon. Its Helio X20 and X25 have now been made with 10 cores from its 20nm manufacturing process. Some of the notable companies that used the services of MediaTek to reinforce its processors include Samsung, Lenovo, and HTC.

Processor Performance

In terms of performance, MediaTek has excellent processors that should be able to meet the demands of consumers. This has been because of the available cores, its processors are able to handle intensive and heavy-duty tasks, as they offer excellent service during multi-tasking. However, it will simply require more RAM to be able to provide the best performance.

Graphics Performance

Those that employ high quality graphics should take note that when graphics architecture should be different from the CPU, then the performance should not match that of the given CPU. This can be solved by matching the performance of GPU and CPU, so that the chipsets are able to perform effectively and efficiently.

Qualcomm Features

The Snapdragon series manufactured by Qualcomm have earned the respect of mobile enthusiasts due to the vast diversifications being offered to its consumers. As an American company, it has created a buzz in the industry after it has created the first 1GHz mobile processor in the world. Likewise, it was their innovation to integrate various internal components into a single chip, which they now call System on Chip or SoC.

The latest processor being produced by the company is the Snapdragon 820, which has been made by 14nm manufacturing process, having been found on most devices. Such notable devices include the Samsung Galaxy S7, OnePlus 3, HTC One M9, and the Xperia Z5, as it has captured the entire flagship market in the world. The only difference is that these processors are a bit costly compared with the ones manufactured by MediaTek.

Performance Counter

In terms of power efficiency, however, the Snapdragon from Qualcomm should be more efficient in comparison to other chipsets. Performance-wise, Qualcomm can also do reliable efficiency, particularly when it comes to multi-tasking, as well as handling intensive and heavy tasks. If you want to choose between the two mobile processors, it is important to have prior knowledge when you need to buy one.