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For all of you out there curious about the upcoming iPad Mini 5 here is an overview of the rumors surrounding the launch of the device. Unfortunately, for the Mini 5, there aren’t many rumors or leaks about it out there because the interest and spotlight is usually on the new iPhones or laptops from Apple.

The iPad Mini line of products form Apple has proven to be one of the most enduring tablets so far. In fact, many tech bloggers believe that the iPad Mini 5 will be released sometime in September 2015, either along with the upcoming iPhone 7 series or very soon after the iPhone launch.

If the iPad Mini 5 will indeed be released alongside the new iPhones, then the presumed release date for the latter also applies to the iPad Mini. The rumored start date for pre-ordering the upcoming iPhones is the 9th of September, according to Evan Blass who is a trusted Apple devices tipster. This means that the actual launch date for the devices will take place a few days before that, we might be seeing the iPad Mini 5 very soon.

In terms of specs, the upcoming iPad Mini 5 is rumored to feature updated Apple manufactured processor like the A8 or M8 ones or maybe the A9 or M9. This has been suggested by PC Advisor UK.

Other rumors about the iPad state that it may sport a slimmer design that the previous models and that it may also feature a different type of battery. It is also presumed to run the latest iOS from Apple which is the iOS 10.

Overall, the tablet is expected to feature some of the newer components that we can find in other Apple devices and many Apple device users expect it to be slightly better that the previous models, but not necessarily redesigned.