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The Galaxy Note 7 comes with an improved Notes app, which will be available on older Note devices. The phablet has an S-Pen stylus with which users can take notes or draw directly on the screen and some of the functions include Action Memo, S-Note, Scrapbook and Memo. But since Notes has been improved and now it supports handwriting recognition and it allows users to create memos by hand or by keyboard input, owners of older Note phablets will be happy to know that all new features will be available for them.

The new Notes app brings check boxes, numbering and font colors, so that users can organize chores and shopping lists with ease. Also, by using their Samsung account or the Smart Switch app, users can import their existing content from S Note and Memo and those who are more creative can use the seven types of specialized drawing tools. Mixing multiple colors into paint textures can be done using the oil paintbrush and adding layers of color can be done using the watercolor brush.

When applying pressure with the stylus, users are able to change the thickness of their strokes by using the calligraphy brush, and if they’re working on a document, they can merge images, drawings, handwritten notes and voice recordings into it. Also, the application has a grid-style interface and it adjusts the size of the content on display accordingly. Moreover, it’s very easy to classify content, because it’s sorted by categories.

It’s known that every year, Samsung improves the sensitivity and functions of the S-Pen, so it’s not sure if the application will reach the original Note phablet or the Note 2, but at least the owners of the newer models will enjoy a better S-Pen experience. Samsung has promised that Notes app will be available for download on older Notes phablets soon, without giving an exact date.