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Official details on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game have been scarce as developer Rockstar has been silent about the future of the famous GTA series; currently fans must depend on rumors to find out information about the new game.

Take-Two has previously commented that Rockstar is currently working on a few project; this was revealed in the most recent fiscal report. The report did not detail what the project is exactly and some more cynical players believe that the publisher was referring to a new DLC for GTA5.

Despite this, current rumors insist that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be revealed later this year or in 2017; there is some belief that the game will be released at Gamescom 2016 or at the Sony PlayStation even in September.

The PlayStation event is expected to be for the reveal of the PlayStation 4 Neo and PlayStation Slim; both of these consoles were announced earlier this year but Sony has been very tight with the details about both consoles. While gamers will get to see the new consoles in September, the Grand Theft Auto series has been a pinnacle series for the PlayStation consoles which is why some players expect to see some news about the new game in September.

Current rumors expect the game to be released in 2018 which follows the 4/5 year gap period set by the series; if Rockstar intend to follow this trend that gamers can expect the company to reveal the game towards the end of the year or during 2017, most likely at E3 2017.

Rumors have surrounded the game for several years which have slowly developed into several different potential options for the game; some claim that the game will be related to GTA: Vice City Stories and will be set in 1960’s London, others point to a Tokyo based game while others suggest the game will encompass several American cities.

It is also believed that the game will integrate VR somehow and considering the release date, it’s possible the game will be shipped as a console bundle for the next generation or for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo.