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There are many speculations that the new Nexus release from Google should coincide with the release of the Android 7 Nougat. However, despite the fact that the Nexus was referred as the handset of Google, the search giant simply doesn’t make the hardware. In other words, it should be made by other established smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Asus, Huawei, Motorola, and HTC which were called in the past to do the honors.

Nexus Rumors for 2016

LG was behind the success of the 5X and the Nexus 5. At the same time, Huawei also created the 6P which has given the Nexus a successful release. This year 2016, there were rumors that suggested HTC as the next manufacturer to be given the chance to shine. In fact, there are two handsets scheduled to be released by Google this current year.

Release Date

It was in September 2015 that the Nexus 6P and 5X were launched by Google. After the launching, Google has begun to sell the said devices in October. This means that there is huge possibility that this will follow the same trend that it so successfully done in that particular year.

It has been speculated that the Sailfish and the Marlin smartphones are going to be released on October 4. This has been made because of the expected release of the Android 7 Nougat which is expected to arrive for the previous versions of the Nexus. As a matter of fact, recently sold Nexus devices can now begin to download the Android Nougat.

Take note that Google’s Nexus has customarily been launched following the official rollout of the next version of a particular mobile platform. So, in that case, the new handsets of Google should be released in accordance with the new platform that should altogether be introduced.