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We know that many of you Fallout 4 players were waiting for some patches for the game and we have great news for you! A brand new patch entitled the Fallout 1.7 update for PC and Xbox One and another one entitled the Fallout 4 1.09 update for PlayStation 4 have been released on the 22nd of August.

Said patches are enormous – over 2GB in size – which suggests that there were many bug fixes needed to get everything right. In fact, many of the fixes features in the update were done based on what players had written on the official discussion forums. Bethesda – the company responsible for the Fallout game series – stated that if anybody is curious about what fixes that patches contain, they should also look at the forum threads in the complaints section because they have taken measures to fix almost all of the issues discussed there. Because the patches are so big, Bethesda has advised players to clear space on their hard drives for them to run.

Apart from the bug and crashes fixes, the patches also provide improved stability and optimization and they also fix a problem encountered when falling on moving structures when the game is paused.

Unfortunately, for PS4 players, certain support mods have not been released for the game version on this specific platforms and, as a result, they do not have access to the latest DLCs. PS4 gamers have been waiting for the mods supports from Bethesda for a while now and despite Bethesda representatives stating that they will release them as soon as possible, so far, nothing has happened. According to them, the mods are still undergoing evaluation and until that process isn’t completed, they cannot release the mods.

On the other hand, all other gamers on the other platforms can now enjoy the latest DLC for Fallout 4 entitled Vault-Tec Workshop.