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Bethesda has already confirmed that they are not currently working on the next game in the incredibly popular The Elder Scrolls series; fans have been expecting a new game to be released in 2017 but this more like a hopeful dream than an accurate prediction.

The giant game developing company explained that they had several large projects in the works and none of them are The Elder Scrolls 6; according to the statement that was released, the team has two more projects to complete before they begin development on the highly anticipated TES6.

What these other projects are haven’t been confirmed by Bethesda but according to new rumors, the developer is planning to work on a mobile game for The Elder Scrolls series which will launch alongside TES6 in several years time.

The Bethesda boss commented that he knows what the studio will be developing for the next ten years and that every project is going to be something special; considering how many Bethesda games achieve “Game of the Year” awards, this would not come as a surprise to fans and if Bethesda are holding TES6 back then the developers have something incredible planned for the series.

When speaking to PC Gamer, the Vice President of PR and Marketing commented that The Elder Scrolls 6 is a long way away and that the company would not be revealing details about the game for several years.

The developer is currently only announcing games that are due for release extremely soon; when Fallout 4 was announced there was less than six months before the game was released which is unusual for the industry. While this long wait is certainly annoying, gamers will rejoice when Bethesda finally reveals the next game in the series. When TES6 is revealed, it will most likely be released in several months time.