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The release dates for PlayStation 4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio are rapidly approaching; the PS4 Neo id due to be revealed in September and current rumors suggest it will be released this October meanwhile the Xbox Scorpio is due for release in 2017.

With the release dates coming very soon, it’s important to start thinking about which console to purchase or upgrade to so here are the details.

Console Specs

Sony and Microsoft haven’t officially revealed any details about the specs of their consoles just yet; currently very little information is available about the Xbox Scorpio. We know that the console will have an eight-core processor and it will feature a six teraflop AMD graphics card. Plenty of rumors are available for the PS4 Neo right now which point towards a 4.14 teraflops graphics card with a 2.1GHz eight-core CPU.

In short, the Xbox Scorpio looks to be more powerful right now and better for both VR and 4K gaming; this could potentially change as the specifications are revealed however.

Virtual Reality

We know that both consoles are focused towards VR gaming however, the PS4 Neo already has a VR partner in the forms of the PlayStation VR headset which will be released in October. This VR technology is compatible with the new PS4 console which could means this will provide a better VR experience.

The Xbox Scorpio has not had a partner announced just yet and will most likely not be developed with a VR headset in mind; it’s very likely that Xbox will announce a partnership with the Oculus Rift for this console.


No games have been officially announced for either console yet and it’s unknown how many worthy exclusives will be released for Sony and Microsoft consoles.

However, it’s been confirmed that both the PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio will not have exclusive games to just them; all games for the PS4 Neo will work for the PS4 and all Scorpio games will run on the Xbox One.


The only question left is about the price, there have been no official prices given for either console yet but it’s expected that the PS4 Neo will be given a price next month. Current rumors suggest the PS4 Neo will cost around the same price as the PS4 when it was first released. The Xbox Scorpio on the other hand is thought to be more expensive and around the price of a low-end VR gaming PC.

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