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WhatsApp hasn’t brought GIF support yet, but this feature will be added soon. Until then, users will be able to send a recorded video, which will be converted to a GIF. This works only on Android and we’ll tell you how to do it.

Users have spotted traces of GIF support on beta version 2.16.242, but for now, it’s still not possible to share GIFs from the gallery app, or attach them as media files. Also, when sending a GIF link to someone, it will appear as an animated image inline (only the URL will show up), and it’s impossible to attach an existing video, to convert it into a GIF, because this option isn’t there yet. But users can convert a recorded video into a GIF and below, we’ll explain how it works:

– Go to any WhatsApp conversation and tap the attachment icon;
– Select Camera, then Record video;
– Record the video, then select OK;
– When tapping the upper right corner camcorder icon in WhatsApp’s interface, it will switch to a GIF icon.
– Now tap Send.

The application will convert the recorded video into a GIF which will be inserted into the conversation and will play inline. The newly created GIF won’t be easily found on the phone. If you go to WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Animated GIFs > Sent folder, you will see only the original MP4 file that was recorded. The GIF will have 6 seconds, not more, so if you have a video on your phone, and want to convert it into a GIF, it must have this length.

We have no idea when WhatsApp will finally bring GIF support, but if you want to take advantage of the hidden feature, you must download v2.16.242 from APK Mirror or directly, from the Google Play store, after becoming a Beta tester.