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There are already a few months since the Minecraft Pocket Edition received its last update, 0.15, which brought a couple of new things in achievements, pistons, horses, the online multiplayer mode and many, many more. Now it’s time to move on and see what new updates the team is preparing for the players. People are rumoring lots of features, but it remains to be seen if all of them will be present on the 0.16 update.

As it seems, new menus will be a part of the change in the future version. The settings screen has been revamped and received some new options for changing the game graphics. For instance, one of the additions is the anti-aliasing that makes block edges smoother. That is, in case your tablet or phone can run it.

Version 0.16 will supposedly make installing resource packs more easier. Many people don’t even know that Minecraft Pocket Edition supports such packs and many of those who know about them don’t want to use them because it’s a difficult process and you need to know a thing or two before you start. But developers are probably hoping that with the process made easier, more and more people will start using them.

A feature that is rumored to be exclusive for the Pocket Edition is an improvement of the maps. This means that on your map you will be able to see several biomes. For now, maps show water and ground by simply using green and blue, but after the new update hits the game, they will be using more colors for different environments such as swamp, desert, jungle and ice.

Also, it seems that the upcoming version will be a polar bear mob. This was already available in version 1.10 on PC, and a boss from Minecraft declared that it will come to Pocket Edition too, but not in version 0.15, which makes us think it will be the 0.16 one.

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