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There’s not a better phone to purchase than iPhone if you are an avid gamer. Although the newer range of iPhones like the 6S and 6S Plus brought larger screens to iOS, the real thing that made iPhone a great gaming platform is the success of the Apple App Store.

At the moment, the App Store has over a million gaming apps available to choose from and since the options are almost unlimited, it becomes pretty much intimidating for users to decide from where they should start their search and which game they should download to play on their iDevice.

But the benefit of having such a wide range of gaming options is that there will always be a game for you to play regardless of what you like. If you are not sure what to look out for, this post will surely help you out. In this article we have picked some of the most awesome iPhone games for you to download and play on your device right away without any searching any further. Here are the top 10 best iPhone games of 2016:

  1. Pokémon Go

The top game of 2016 for your iPhone that we have in our list is Pokémon Go. This game has gained global fame very quickly because of it being too addictive. Pokémon Go lets you travel between the real world and the Pokémon’s virtual world where you can stroll around and make use of real-world locations to fight and gather items while exploring your surroundings.

  1. Angry Birds 2

The next in our list is Angry Birds 2, which redefines the original game in every way you never thought about. The game is redefined in a way that now you can choose the birds you want as your player and when you want to catapult it. Besides, there are more new features that make the game-play even more attractive and interesting.

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one super game with clear cut graphics and responsive controls for driving that you won’t find in any other racing game. Some new features along with the continuous update of new cars and tracks are added to the game this year to make it more enhanced.

  1. Love You To Bits

Next on we have Love You to Bits. This is a cool, adventure oriented game that includes puzzles with a really cute work of art and a plot that will tow the strings of your heart.

  1. The Silent Age

Another adventure oriented game for iPhone users in 2016 is The Silent Age. This game revolves around a man named Joe Average who meets a dying man and discovers that he himself is stuck in the middle of time travel in order to save people. This game is simply a modest thriller having unique visuals and graphics for gaming lovers.

  1. Walking Dead: The Game

Walking Dead: The Game is different from its TV series as it is not just about killing zombies with a boom-stick. The game is about discovery, characters and quick-solving puzzles that will keep you involved in the game.